Coolidge college's nursing program breakdown!!!

  1. Okay guys...I know that there has been a bunch of conversation about Coolidge College in Arizona as an alternative option to other nursing programs because of their unique program requirements. There was A BUNCH of confusion however so I recently drove out to Coolidge for myself and got the official break down!! Here is how the process works... Now don't get scared when you see this list I WILL EXPLAIN IT!!!!!

    BIO 201 Human Anatomy & Physiology I (4 credits)
    BIO 202 Human Anatomy & Physiology II (4 credits)
    HESI Entrance - Reading Comprehension 80%
    HESI Entrance - Grammar 80%
    HESI Entrance - Vocabulary 80%
    HESI Entrance - Math 80%
    HESI Entrance - A&P 70%
    ****Add .5 points to each co-requisite taken at CAC****
    * BIO 205 Microbiology (4 credits)
    * English 101 (3 credits)
    * English 102 (3 credits)
    * Math 121 or 151 - or higher(4 credits)
    * Nutrition 200 (3 credits)
    * Psychology 101 (3 credits)
    * Psychology 203 (3 credits)
    * Sociology 100 (3 credits)
    * Humanities Elective (3 credits)
    * PE (1 credit)
    Pinal County Resident (5 pt.)

    Point Structure Bio 101/102 : A = 8 pt, B = 6 pt, C = 4 pt HESI point structure: 100 - 95 = 8 pt., 94 - 90 = 6 pt., 89 - 85 = 4 pt., 84 - 80 = 3 pt., 79 - 70 = 1 pt. (A&P only) * Co requisites that have been completed. 2 pt for each course completed with C or higher. For co-requisite classes that were completed at CAC, you will receive .5 extra points per class. This does not apply to the Bio 201 and 202 PRE-requisites.

    Their system is based on points...basically there are about 100 applicants for 50 spots every cycle and the students who have accumulated THE MOST POINTS GET INTO THE PROGRAM. The average point minimum to get in is around 65 points and Pinal County Residents often get priority if it comes down to choosing a resident and a non resident.

    THIS IS HOW THE POINT SYSTEM WORKS. The numbers listed NEXT TO THE CLASSES are the MINIMUM CREDITS the classes must be worth to count towards your degree. Each class finished with a C or above is worth 2 POINTS!! If you take the class AT COOLIDGE COLLEGE then you get to add another .5 points to each class. Bio 101/102 are special and are weighted as follows A = 8 pt, B = 6 pt, C = 4 pt.

    The other points are counted from the scale based on your nursing entrance test score. YOU MUST TAKE THE TEST AT THE SCHOOL!!! They have a weird system. After it's all said and done you can move to Pinal County and get an extra 5 points however I will be honest...when I drove out there I felt like I was driving into the set of The Hills Have Eyes and the first sign I saw in the town was a beat up 24 hour drinking water station sign O_o When I did the math it really didn't seem like a possibility but there ya go!
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  3. by   tokmom
    That makes my head spin, lol.
  4. by   *LadyJane*
    Those entrance requirements and application points were the same at the nursing program I entered. It was very competitive!
  5. by   hilzaberry
    Made my head spin too...OH AND you have to be a certified CNA!

    basically when the math came down to it...unless I moved to the middle of nowhere, scored like 100% on the NET, and took every class with A's at the school till I attempted to enter the program it would be pretty much impossible to even have a shot in hell of getting in.
  6. by   Arizonachic
    I am attending CAC and just about ready to take HESI and apply to program. I think the point system is confusing too, and the advisors do not explain it well.
  7. by   AZMOMO2
    Its pretty much the more you have completed the more points you get. The higher your grades the more points you get. Add if you live in Pinal county you get extra points.

    So if you have every pre/co req done, finished most of them at CAC , only have nursing classes left, have high HESI scores, & live in Pinal county... you are set! :-)