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  1. Hi all,

    I'm currently a block two nursing student. I'm wanting to become a CNA and apply with the nursing student waiver through the Arizona board of nursing. Has anyone done this prior or know the process?
    Thanks so much
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  3. by   Apple-Core
    Have you considered applying to be an LPN? I believe once you've completed block 2, you can do that. It pays much better than a CNA and will give you considerably more hands on experience with meds etc.

    I know with the CNA route you need to print off the waiver form on the AZBON website and have you professor sign the waiver, which you mail in with your application. Then you need to pay the fees, sit the exam, and get your license.

    Are you sure you want to work with Block 3 just around the corner?? Nursing school is hard without adding more to it!!
  4. by   Gmac12
    Yeah I was thinking about LPN as well. It would give me more hands on experience. If I could find something part time I'd go for it. I've worked part time for banner all through block one and block two, so working shouldn't add more to my stress. Just not sure if it's worth quitting banner for LPN
  5. by   Apple-Core
    Would Banner let you work as an LPN p/t? I know a lot of the nursing homes hire LPNs, I'm sure they'd work with you if you could only work p/t. Which school are you at?
  6. by   Gmac12
    I believe banner got rid of all LPNs. But I know for sure nursing homes. I'll have to weigh my options. I'm currently at Phoenix college
  7. by   arizona_hopeful_nurse
    I have done it fill out this form and bring to your nursing program director then bring to az board of nursing. They forward an approval to Headmaster in AZ to give you permission to take CNA test in person.

    Click " CNA Waiver for Nursing Student"

    Applications & Forms | Arizona State Board of Nursing
  8. by   MiladyMalarkey
    Banner Boswell employs LPNs in their Bowell rehab center and they are banner employees. Did a clincial rotation there. Perhaps it would be the same at other Banner facilities?