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Is anyone out there currently enrolled in the Chandler-Gilbert nursing program? If so, how long was your wait to get in? I will be done with all my pre-req's in June and CGCC is my 1st choice. ... Read More

  1. by   RNfaster
    I talked to someone from the district office for the Maricopa Community College System today about how applicants are selected. She said it is based on your time-and-date stamp. She said that applicants should list the college they really wish to attend first as the computer will run through all your choices before moving on to the next student.

    So if you are most interested in attending a particular school that is in a high-density area, it won't hurt you to put it first. It is best to put it first if you really want to go there and if you are going to list it as one of five choices. If you think there is no chance of you getting in at a high-density school, you might leave it off your list of five entirely and pick a more likely school ---that is a way that you could increase your chances.

    The person I spoke to said that she thought the schools with the most demand were those in areas of greatest population density and those with options for weekend, evening, and/or accelerated. She was not positive, however, and said that they did not run data on that at the district.

    Another person I talked to said to talk to each school. I haven't had much luck with that so far.

    I have been told the wait time is about three semesters in general.

    Hope this helps.
  2. by   HJS27
    I think we all would be interested in knowing why not CG. I know I am.