Can't find job! Any advice?

  1. I graduated over a year ago with my rn and cannot find a hospital job! I live in Scottsdale az. Every hospital is either hiring internally or you must have hospital experience. I worked a few months in a docs office but that's all the experience I have. I really want to work in a hospital environment and would prefer not to travel as I am newly married. I apply to jobs online every day and have tried to talk to the hospitals nurse recruiter in person but just get the response to apply on line first. So frustrating! Any advice????
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  3. by   MassagetoRN
    I was in the same boat! After a year I just got hired at St Luke's. My advice is that you must talk with a nurse manager. I've heard many of them say they hired new grads but HR doesn't let them through. It sounds horrible but take your resume and walk the hospital floors. Also i thought my resume was good until I had someone look at it. I redid mine to really make myself shine. Good luck and many blessings
  4. by   WittySarcasm
    I went through the same thing while trying to get hired. I wanted nothing more then to get into a hospital and work on a med/surg floor at least. However after a year and half of looking I went and applied at other places. I figured at least that way I could get this experience that everyone was looking for, even if it wasn't hospital expereince.

    So I started to apply at nursing homes, rehabs, doctor offices. Just anywhere that you can think of. I would look through the phone book and call places to see if they would hire a new grad nurse.

    And now I'm at a year and 4 months of experience with nursing homes and rehabs.

    Also have some one else look at your resume, someone who knows what to look for. Uhm look for job fairs. Even virtual job fairs are good to try. Just anything that will maybe help at least get you known. I'd say keep calling too.

    Even though I don't recommend it, because it really is a harder way to do it, I first started out with an agency. They kept me to only nursing homes and hospices but it helped give me the experience that I needed. I say I don't recommend it because they won't train you. Instead just drop you off and you gotta just start running. But if there's one that is willing to take you, it may be worth a try at least if you feel confident in your skills.

    I wish you a lot of luck!
  5. by   scottlgarrett
    As a New Grad RN myself my advice is to go to the nursing omes, rehabs, hospices and agencies. Also try Psych. It's not a hospital but I figure a little money and some type of experience is better than no money and no experience at all. I work in a Hospice and I am getting case management experience as well as supervisory experience with the CNA's. Suck it up and get out there find what ever job you can. We wont be New Grads forever unless you don't work.
  6. by   inchii
    If you are willing to drive longer, try applying to hospitals up to ~50 miles from your home. You might be given a chance in hospitals not that close to you. I know Casa Grande has a hiring hospital.
  7. by   Asystole RN
    The Biz Journal this week had an article where Banner, Abrazo, and Scottsdale were planning to hire thousands, hundreds of those positions will be RN slots.
  8. by   rdudley88
    I am in the same is extremely fustrating, but I guess all we can do is just stay positive and keep working hard
  9. by   fromtheseaRN
    banner desert has some current l&d postings that do not say "no new grads" or "experience required". haven't seen that in a long time!