Any Nurses worked for JCL North Campus?

  1. Hi,

    I am considering moving to Phoenix to take a job at JCL North. If you have any input, good or bad, please write back and let me know before I sign on the dotted line!

    Thanks So Much!
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  3. by   cariad
    good things,,,,the sign on bonus is increased at the moment until december 31st.
  4. by   IrishItalianRN
    If your a traveler... do NOT let them house you near the hospital... JCL north is in a not so great neighborhood... looks nice but trust me...
    One of the travelers i work with hears gunshots just about every friday night and a few during the week...

    Other than that we are a magnet hospital and the nurses i work with have all been there a while and i personally LOVE it! It's a great company! WELCOME!!
  5. by   MsBruiser
    Depends where you live. I would live near the hospital BUT (and this is a big BUT) do not live anywhere north of Northern Avenue and West of 15th Ave. There are some very nice apartments south of Northern Aven and west of 15th ave that will place you about 5 minutes from work. I live in that area, and it is really nice.
  6. by   Curious1alwys
    Anyone know what the new grad RN pay is at JCL?
  7. by   mytoon38
    I am not sure what the new grad pay is. I was an L.P.N. for 25 years, and have been a R.N. for almost 2 years. The salary they quoted me was 30.00 an hour base and then 5.00 hr for night shift diff. and 1.63 for w.e. shift diff. I really don't think that salary is great, but it is better than some places offered me!
  8. by   periwinkles
    I worked at JCL years back and liked it. It has one of the better reputations. I came in as a traveller. And, as stated in last post, DON'T let them place you in an apartment near the hospital, especially the location on Dunlap Ave. I used to hear gunshots at night when I lived near there through the travel agency.
  9. by   ivan57
    Not sure which JCL you are referring to. There is a "North Mountain" JCL, but it is not the most north JCL, "Deer Vally" is. Same system, but different hospital. Have worked both. And if you are going to North not live in the neighborhood, very dangerous. But the area at Deer Valley is much safer.
  10. by   zacarias
    I just started at JCL North Mountain on 6E. I'm learning how they do things although I'm a nurse for three years. It's an old hospital but with a pretty good standard of care.

  11. by   mugg54
    I had read all the positive posts on here about JCL. I took a job there about 6 months ago. I have not been happy working at JCL at all.:stone The staff are not really friendly or helpful at all. Of course, there really aren't that many staff nurses there, most are just travelers! I wonder if it the hospital treats their nurses like gold, why can't they get any to work on staff?

    They tell you, that you will only be assigned to 4 patients and that is true for the most part. The pt's are acutely ill, and many that are on the floor need to be in ICU or CCU. I also found out that compared to a lot of the hospitals in the area, the pay isn't too great either!:angryfire

    My car has been broken into twice in the hospital parking lot! Once they tried to steal it, broke the steering column and did alot of damage. The second time they only stole all of my stuff out of the car (how sweet of them!). The area the hospital in, is downright unsafe!

    Well, I signed a year contract there, and in 6 more months, I will be so happy to leave that place 4ever. So, if you are even considering working there, please go do a few agency shifts over there before you sign a long contract like I did!:smilecoffeecup:
  12. by   linda8532
    mugg54--I too worked there and hated it. I got out before I received sign on bonus so I wouldn't have to pay it back. I worked night shift and the nurses were awful--most went into rooms and slept. The clientelle on the floor I worked on was awful. There was when I was working there, assaults on staff members in the parking lots. Where is security??? No way--I would steer clear of that place.
  13. by   mugg54

    Glad you agree with me! I felt bad because I had heard such positive feedback about the hospital prior to going to work there! I have not heard the nurses say too many things good about the place since I've been there though! I wonder if they had their recruiters on here posting all the good stuff to reel us in!!!

    I am not impressed at all with the hospital! I will be soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo glad when 6 months are up, so I can say "Take this job and shove it!" :chuckle

    I think it is amzing that they have such a nursing shortage, but they have such strict rules like "No jeans are to be worn on the campus ever, even if you are picking up your check!" That is so old and outdated! I know a lot of professional women that wear nice jeans and a blazer, or guys that wear jeans and a shirt and a tie and they look just fine! I have been to some of the most expensive restaurants in Aspen and everyone wore jeans! I just think there is a lot of bureaucratic B.S. to put up with at JCL! That is kjjust one exmple, but there are many, many more!

    I also think the pay is well below a lot of other places in the city! The pt's have very high acuities! They have charge nurses that are supposed to be so helpful, but all they do is sit around and bite their nails, and take report and don't do anything else! I don't think the few real staff they have are supportive at all, but as I said, most of them are poor travelers trying to make it there themselves!

    You are lucky you didn't take a sign on bonus from them! I wish I never would have either! You know someone told me once that these nursing recriters are just like car salesmen, and now I am really starting to believe it! Well, I am glad you are out of there and I am counting my days! Who knows, maybe I will get lucky and find another hospital to buy out my contract! I met one girl that did just that!

    Take Care

  14. by   renafriday
    Little bit concerned about your comments re JCL I am due to start work at JCL Deer Valley in Phoenix, any feed back about Deer Valley? Is it a similar hospital? What about the surrounding area? any safety issues I should be aware of when looking for accomodation.
    Many Thanks.