Arhhhh skills testing next week and I'm freaking out!

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That pretty much sums it up:uhoh21::uhoh21:

I went in early today to practice, I don't know how much that helped:mad:

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I was nervous too when I went in. I had an instructor who scared the crap out of me. But just read your skills book and it's mostly commons sense.

The man I had testing me was very nice. He even checked off that I checked the water temp on the peri care when I didn't. I said at the end of the procesure oh damn I forgot to test the temp and he said that's ok I gave it to you.

I had wash hands, weigh patients, pericare, feed patient and I forgot the last one... it wasn't that bad.

The girl I was testing with forgot quite a few things but still passed... so just study the steps and take a deep breath!


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Go in confident. The written part is soooooo easy, mostly common sense. The lady at our testing site was nice too, but was very stern. It's more nerve wrecking than anything. If you talk the whole time you are doing your skills like, "this is what I am going to do first, so on so on" it will help you remember what you are doing. The wait is hard, you will do fine! Good luck!


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Thhis is just skills tests through the school so we can do our clinicals, it's 3 days of skills testing.

I don't even think I'm going to be this nervous when it comes time to take the state test!

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