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Which area of nursing has the least amount of charting/paperwork? I'm currently working as a worker's compensation field case manager and have a lot of documentation to do. I'm wondering what areas of nursing require the least documentation (1 page or less per patient).

daisybaby, LPN

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I can't imagine any area of nursing, using either online or paper charting- that has anywhere close to that. There are MARs, vital signs flowsheets, clinical pathway sheets, sometimes braden scoring sheets, social and medical history forms,etc. I'm in LDR- we document on both mom and baby. The amount of paperwork and computer-based charting we do is astronomical.

Given the litigious society we have nowadays, I think you'd be hard pressed to find any aspect of nursing that charts so minimally as 1 page.

suzanne4, RN

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There is no such area of nursing that has only one page of documentation per patient.

Paperwork is actually only increasing in every area because of JCAHO requirements.

When I first started as a nurse in the Emergency Room, we had one face sheet per patient, there was five or six lines for the nurse to write and the rest was for the physician. There was no separate four page assessment for the triage nurse, etc. Everything was done on the one page, unless you needs to add more for some reason. And we all know what ER charts look like now.


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Only two sheets to document on in PACU.

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