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Are we too trusting of people ?


I was discussing this teacher involved in the sex scandal with my daugther who lives out of state now, she made the statement, we are too trusting ,here in West Virginia, of people we see as authority figures. Do you agree? Do you think we are too isolated or too ignhorant to know what is really going on in the world today when it comes to this type of behavior? Lets have some input here.

Marie_LPN, RN, LPN, RN

Specializes in 5 yrs OR, ASU Pre-Op 2 yr. ER.

Isolation and ignorance are a choice, to a point.

People have to WANT to learn, etc. before they can.

No, i don't think it has to do with being isolated or ignorant (ignorance is rampant anywhere). I think it has to do with being raised not to judge others, that teachers are people you can trust and go to about anything, and to always help others.

Thanks for the answer Marie. I agree, we have been judged so much by the outside world as ignorant, we teach our kids not to do that maybe more than others.

Marie_LPN, RN, LPN, RN

Specializes in 5 yrs OR, ASU Pre-Op 2 yr. ER.

People who judge a whole state by a few people they have met are doing a bang-up job of proving their own ignorance. :)

I grew up in the south and people up north comment on the people of arkansas being backwards, in-bred, etc. I really don't understand why people think that because you were raised in the south that you are ignorant and stupid. That being said I think that we were raised to respect people in authority over you and you don't question them, esp. older people. That is the way I was taught anyway. I have tried to teach my children that they should respect people in authority but that they should also not allow those people to do things to them that they feel are wrong and they should seek guidance elsewhere if they feel something is not right. Respect was drilled into us as children and we need to teach our children how to be respectful but still not rely on everything that people tell them especially if they feel it is wrong.

jnette, ASN, EMT-I

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Remember...these scandelous behaviors have occurred in those "more progressive" states as well.. so it's not a matter of being isolated, too trusting or "ignorant".

And I would still prefer being a bit more on the trusting side, any day, as opposed to always being suspicious and on the defensive.

I like living in an area where ppl still smile and wave at you (genuinely) and you don't have to "suspect" alterior motives. :)

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