Are my scores good enough for Montgomery College MD Fall 2014

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I am applying to the nursing program at Montgomery College MD. I completed EN101, BI107, EN109, MA110, A&P I and II. I just took the TEAS exam

for the first time, my reading score is 76.2% and my adjusted individual total score is 68.7%. I have a 2.6 GPA which is really low because when I started college I was a single mother and I was not focused as much as I should of been. I know my TEAS score is pretty low kind of depressing. Did anyone get accepted with the same numbers? Do I even have a chance of being accepted? Should I retake the TEAS and try harder to get a higher score?


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Hello ProspectRN!

I am trying to apply to MC nursing for Fall 2014 as well. (I wonder if there is another forum that we should be posting on because it is obviously quiet on this one..)

Anyhow, I am no one to comment on your prospects, as I am applying for the first time myself...

You may already know this, but MC has the TEAS requirements on their website, and you do make the cutline (Reading is 70, total is 66). I guess it certainly wouldn't hurt to take the score again, as the website states that applicants who exceed the minimum score are more competitive.

Is this your first time applying to MC nursing?


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Yes this is my first time applying.

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Holy crap, MC! I went there for my associates back in 2004-2006. Loved that campus, haha.


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Holy crap, MC! I went there for my associates back in 2004-2006. Loved that campus, haha.

Yeah my sister graduated from the program in 2002 now she's working for Walter Reed at in SICU.


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I don't know about your school but I was accepted to mine with just a 70.8

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I don't know about this program specifically, but if I were you, I'd definitely retake the TEAS. Getting a score in the 80s will make you much more competitive in any program, regardless of whether your current score meets the requirements. You could always try a different method to prepare for the test if your first try didn't go so great. What prep materials do you have?


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Hi there,

I got into MC Fall 2013 with all priority courses done, 84 overall on TEAS, and a 3.3 gpa. It seems like #1 is having all courses done, 2.) have above the TEAS min and 3.) above min GPA requirement. You will probably be fine but it all depends on the applicant pool.

I declined the offer back then but am reapplying. I didn't get to start at UMD like I thought I was going to and now I'm finding it will be a cheaper route especially for the hospital I'm working at to be paying for RN-BSN after. I also can't afford to do full time school and no job.

Here's to us getting in! Best of luck. Maybe someone should start a thread for MC Fall 2014? I did one last year so... Not it! :)


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Hey everyone,

I have made a thread for MC fall 2014 applicants. Here's the link


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Just wanted to update for anyone having the same question I had. I did get accepted with my TEAs score.


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Congrats you will love their program I graduated last May 2014

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