Are there "easy" nursing schools to get into in California?

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I know that all nursing schools in California are impacted and rigorous in their own right, but is there some nursing schools in California that are easier to get into than others? I just about to apply to nursing school, but I am concerned about my GPA being too low which is currently 3.45 Cumulative and 3.75 science gpa. Im just about to take the TEAS next month but on practice tests Im scoring around a 90. I also have over 100 hours of volunteering and 200 hours working as a part time medical assistant at a local optometry center. I am also a California resident if that helps.

Here are the schools I'm currently looking at:





Sacramento State


CSU Fullerton

Do I have a chance at any of these universities or is it hopeless? Is there any other schools you suggest?

That's a fairly good science GPA. I think you have a good chance of being accepted, but it all depends on the other applicants' scores. You can also apply to community colleges if you want to. Just make sure to apply to several schools.


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Contact the nursing advisor for each of the programs you list for an impromptu chat, or attend the information sessions. Glean what information is available on the program websites. Last, if not least, apply anyway and see what happens. No matter what your record, you have to apply before you can be accepted or rejected. And as previously mentioned, don't rule out community college programs.

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What is it about those particular schools that interest you? There are other CSU nursing programs. It seems like if you'd consider SFSU and SJSU, then you could consider CSUEB or Sonoma State also. What about Chico or Stanislaus or San Marcos?

I think SDSU and Sac State are very hard to get into, but I would love to see statistics comparing acceptance rates at the various CSUs...

I think you're a viable candidate for many of the CSUs, especially with your MA experience.


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I'm primarily interested in there schools as I would like to gain a bachelor degree as well as learn in depth about nursing. These schools were recommended to me by family and friends, and based on what I've heard about the programs they seem to give a strong understanding about the field as well as provide a lot of opportunities to learn about healthcare. In addition they all seem to have high pass rates on the NCLEX. I don't have a particular nursing school in mind, the only thing I would prefer is to graduate with a BSN at the very least.

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How would I go about contacting a nursing advisor, I haven't had a lot of advice on how to go about applying and researching the programs apart from looking online as well as being recommended schools to take a look at. Also, I'm looking for hopefully a bsn program as this would be my first degree and due to family reasons.


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Contact information and dates of information sessions are listed on the nursing department websites. Make your appointments online or by phone. You might even be able to talk to someone by just showing up in person at a reasonable time, but it would be better to make an appointment.