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Are NPs allowed to strike?

Are we allowed to go on strike to protest for equal pay, independence, poor working conditions? Do we fall under the category of nurses or do we fall in the domain of physicians and cannot strike?

Who said physicians "cannot" strike? They haven't, much, in the past in large part because, in order to engage in collective bargaining and strike in the US, you have to be an employee of an employer and, traditionally in the US, most physicians have been in independent, private practice. But more and more physicians are working as employees of healthcare systems, which means they could strike if they decided to. Discussion of this has been going on for a while.

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Nurse's aren't generally allowed to strike either, at least not without certain restrictions. Legally, nurses have to provide adequate notice prior to going on strike to allow for temporary staff to be put in place, for patients to be moved elsewhere, or a combination of the two.

NPs at my hospital are in the Nurses Union so if we strike, they are included.


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