Are you going to get the Covid-19 Vaccine?


I received my 2nd and final dose of the Pfizer vaccine. I felt very grateful to get it as I do work with vulnerable individuals. I want to protect myself, family, and patients.

Thing is at work, it has staff divided. I took the vaccine based on facts, and to encourage other people to take it.

Some staff have freaked out about it and think about it too much at work. I tell them they are not being forced to take it. However, there may be a rule where if there is a Covid outbreak that you might need to have it.

they tell me "well you need to take in our opinion on it. you have no right to tell us what to put in our bodies". I told them, no one is forcing you to take it. However, the vaccine is proven to be 95% effective and that is facts, so in hindsight, everyone who has taken it, is 95% effective and you are just putting your own self at risk.

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*** yes


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I got my vaccine im done with my doses no negative side effects here but my mother on the other hand is terrified of it she gets all her news from crazy extreme right wing people