Are Accelerated programs worth the money!

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Rabid Response

Rabid Response

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I went the accelerated route, and I am glad that I did. HOWEVER, if I were entering school today I would opt for a two year ADN program. When I graduated in May of '07 there were still nursing jobs to be had in my area. I was able to get the critical care job that I wanted, but my unit has not hired ANYone else since then, much less new grads, and now our whole hospital is having a hiring freeze. New grads are not finding work around here. I can't imagine carrying the debt load that I have now and not having a job! I think it would be better to spend the next 2 or 3 years in (a less expensive) school while riding out this crappy economy. Good luck to you whatever you decide to do.



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Ya, my thoughts exactly...the downed economy and hiring freeze is the main thing holding me back from jumping into a accelerated program. I guess I can handle caring large people up and down stairs(working as a paramedic) for at least another year. Being a paramedic has some advantages are your own boss, no doctor, and a mobile office...but the pay grade is horrible!


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I am in an accelerated BSN program at a state college. We pay the same per credit hour as the traditionals.

Your gpa and background will launch you into a fine program! As for nursing jobs, it is what it is. We will eventually all have jobs, it just may take longer.

Good luck!



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I hope so because I am about to enter one!!

I already have a sense one of the big disadvantages of the accelerated program is going to be no time for a externship/work as patient tech.

At my school the 2 year program is actually more expensive then the one year accelerated!

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I am currently in an ABSN program that is for an out of state school. The experience has been somewhat harrowing. We were told many things before beginning the program which didn't come to fruition. In the middle of the program they change things on us several times and then expect us to adjust. For example now we are being told that we may need to leave the state to do our pediatric rotation which makes no sense since Cali has many well-known ped hospitals. We have had numerous administrative changes that are unaccounted for. My advice to you is to take a LONG, HARD look at the program you are looking to get into. My class is the first one so we are having to endure all the speed bumps for the future classes. I believe these programs are just taking advantage of the nursing shortage situation which is making many students want to go into this field. You have to weigh what you want vs what is worth it to you in the end!



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I am in a similar situation! I have decided to turn down the ABSN program I got into because I can't take out a loan for 60K at this point. I have been warned by many that you should do your best to remain debt free. I think it is one of these situations where there is no perfect option and each choice has its ups and downs. I am sticking with a two year ASN program at a CC which is not my top choice since I have a BA, but money is always an issue. Of course some have told me to just pay the money and get my BSN but I know that for me, I am not comfortable being in debt like that. Some people have no problem just buckling down, working overtime and paying it off--I am not like that! So whatever makes sense for you will be best. Good luck!

When money is an issue, go the ADN route then apply for an MSN Transition program. These programs are for applicants with ADNs and non-nursing bachelor's degrees. You get to "bypass" the BSN and go directly into an MSN after completing a few courses. Some programs call it a bridge program.

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