APRN Post Monitoring?

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Has anyone gone back to school and gotten an APRN after completing monitoring? I'm not sure if it is in the cards for me, as I live in a state without an alternative to discipline program, so I will forever have to answer "yes" when asked if I have ever had disciplinary action. Just curious if anyone had any experience with this! :)

I am not sure.. I was three courses away from my NP with a 3.9 when my world fell apart. I have no idea if any of it will count or if Ill be able to pursue it. I will have the black mark forever as well.

My states says it has an alternative to discipline but my lawyer says she hasn't seen anyone get into it for years.. What a joke.

I wonder if you are able to become and APN if that mark follows to the new license?

So much wasted time and money.

My state has an alternative to disciple but my sponsor did not get it, so she has a permanent mark on her license. She was an RN when it happened. Sometime after her probation was over she went to NP school and is an NP now. Her NP license is clean. You still run into similar issues with HR not wanting to hire you but there are more options... right now she works with a psychiatrist. There is no HR department at a psychiatrist's office. Psychiatrists tend to be more understanding than an HR lady with these matters. I do remember she had to go for another hearing to get a DEA license and I also remember her saying she had to convince the NP school to let her in... she argued her probation was over.

I am 10 months away from graduating as an APRN. I have been off monitoring for 3 years. I still will always have that black mark on my RN license and I have to inform each clinical site of my past disciplinary history. My first clinical site had no problem with this. However, I am about to tell my second clinical site which is a chain peds facility and I have to go through HR. I do not know what to do and am so anxious that they will reject me... Ugh. Any advice?

At any rate, yes it is possible to become an APRN but you need to check with your BON to make sure. I did that and got full clearance.

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