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Applying to UCLA MECN to start Fall 2015?


Hi! Is anyone applying to UCLA's MECN program? Last year I applied and wasn't accepted. I believe they accepted around 12%. They had 70 spaces down from 90 the previous year.

hello ceecoxy, I will be applying to UCLA's MECN program for fall 2015. Do you know how many applicants there was last year? UCLA is one of my top choices, but I'm also nervous about the acceptance rate.:nailbiting:. So far I just need to work on my personal statement and I am getting one more LOR but lets hope for the best this time around :-).

@missliliposh - I think they got over 500 applications last year. Accepted 70. I think the wait list went through about 30 or so. I asked the admissions office for feedback on my application and they said the SOP was "just OK." It is funny b/c I had my brother who has a PhD in Avian Ecology, a friend who was an admissions counselor at Princeton and my sister in law who is an editor all give me feedback on it and they thought it was great. But I interview better in person so this is def. a handicap for me. Also, I didn't have all my pre-reqs complete but they didn't mention that.


Wow, last year I went to the MEPN Info session and i got intimidated to apply because, I was redoing my A&P I&II and i just didnt feel confident, but now I luckily finished those courses with A's and I am currently a CCV, so I feel more confident than I did last year. Also, will you be attending the info session on Aug 19th, I will be there and I am sure you and I are applying for this coming Fall 2015. I am also applying to seven other programs to weigh my options? Gosh I wish they did interviews, you had very qualified people to edit your paper, UCLA is very strict and very picky. I'm so nervous about mines now that you told that :-0


If you don't mind me asking how many pre-reqs did you have incomplete when you applied last year? I'm contemplating whether or not I should apply this year or wait until the following year because I still have some pre-reqs to complete.

When I applied in Nov. I still had 3 pre-reqs incomplete. One was done by Dec. One was done in Feb. and one in March. We were supposed to hear from UCLA mid-March regarding our applications but through being understaffed and some kind of computer (or human?) error, we didn't hear till late March that we'd been rejected. It was kind of brutal.

I think a few years ago they were more forgiving about pre-reqs being in progress than they are now as the competition is more intense. You'll need everything you can get to get in: all pre-reqs complete, POS, Cum. GPA, Pre-req GPA, Volunteer or work experience and hopefully an interesting back-story. I had a strong but not amazing application. I also have an MEd from UCLA with a 3.98 GPA!! 12% acceptance rate. You do the numbers!

@missliliposh - what is a CCV? I don't think I'll attend the info session. I went last year and everything they talked about there was available on the MECN website. The ONLY new info. I heard was their suggestion to do the Care Extender Internship if possible. When they opened it up for questions someone asked about the temporary nursing glut in CA and it was dismissed - they didn't seem to know how to address the question. Good luck to you though!! The A's in A&P are great and will help you a lot. If you are applying to 7 other programs you'll be fine!


I'm doing the Clinical Care Extender program at Riverside Community Hospital. It is very similar to Care Extender except that program is not through Cope Health. Sorry I should have elaborated earlier. i also went to the info session last year and they were very rushy, and passive. Have you started on MECN fall '15 application. anytime people ask questions, rf was like umm we dont have time lets keep it moving lolol. I wish you good luck as well and I hope you can apply to as many programs as you can so you can reach your dream :-). you have such strong qualifications, but then again ucla has a tendency to reject highly qualified candidates for some odd reason.

Hello everyone! I will be applying for the Fall 2015 start as well. It will be my first time applying and I will have one pre-req in progress, the physiology lab class. I recently attended their info session and someone asked what was the average GPA of admitted students for the previous year. For the previous year the average GPA for admitted students was 3.2. I thought this was reasonable especially since some of the other schools I'm applying to accept an average GPA of at least 3.6-3.8. I wish they conducted interviews too! It seems that what they value the most is the SOP. I'm really hoping to get into this program because it's my top choice! However, I would be grateful to be accepted to any nursing program 😊

hi ElizabethH736

I'm going to the info session next week and thats a pretty flexible gpa. what other schools are you applying to ?I'm applying to wayy more than one just to keep my options open

hi ElizabethH736

I'm going to the info session next week and thats a pretty flexible gpa. what other schools are you applying to ?I'm applying to wayy more than one just to keep my options open

Yes it definitely seems like a flexible GPA. They stressed the SOP because they said the main thing they need to know is why you want to be a nurse. I'm also applying to CSUN, CSUCI, CSUSM, and CSULA because I want to keep my options open too! 😊 how about you? Which other schools are you applying to? I would also love to be accepted to CSUN because I'm currently finishing my BA in Psych there. But then again I would be grateful to attend any nursing program!

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Hello Everyone, my name is Colette...Just wanted to check in, let you all know I am applying to the MECN program for 2015 as well. I love what UCLA is doing as far as research and pediatrics, so I am very excited and eager to apply. I actually live in Sacramento. Therefore, because I will not be attending any info sessions, I am hoping you all will continue to share any priceless information. I wish the best to you all. Thanks for the information and feedback, and for starting up this feed @ceecoxy Hope to see you all next Fall!!!


SOP is the definitely the deciding factor and really crucial. I'm planning on getting it peer reviewed so that it can hopefully meet UCLA's requirement. I'm also applying to U San Diego, APU, U of Rochester, U San Fran, U of Arizona, and currently applying to UC San Fran :-). My ultimate dream school is U San Diego or UCLA. I just completed my bachelors in public health with a minor in social gerontology at CSULA. I used to have about 14 schools then I narrowed down to half lol. To me it doesnt matter how far, the tuition of nursing school, I will go anywhere that meets my potential. I just want to be in the nursing field :-)

I'm applying! I was set to apply last year with microbiology in progress, but for family reasons I decided to delay nursing school for one year. The only pre-req that I don't have for UCLA is epidemiology, and I'll take it in the summer if I'm admitted.

@missliliposh, No, not today :( If you could post anything interesting that you hear today, that would be awesome!

hey all,

So i just got home from the info session it was interesting to say the least. The ucla website is down until september, they calculate your last 60em/90 qtr units that needs to be atleast a 3.0. if you have less than a 3.0 than you have to explain what happen in your SOP. SOP is really crucial and you have to follow their evaluation criteria. MECN will only get you to bedside not NP. you need healthcare experience like Care Extender. I'm currently in the clinical care extender program so that's not a problem. Oh and make sure your Letters of rec are turned in by jan 15th as well as your transcripts. Also, on the gnet, you click on nursing, fall 2015, then they ask what specialty, you will click msn/mecn. the rest of the app is easy. If you retook a class to make up for the lower grade theyll take the higher grade:yes:. for your resume you have to list in chronological order; education, honors, work experience, volunteer work, professional organization( if any) . thats about it. Good luck to everyone

I'm applying again too! I was waitlisted #37 last cycle, and ended up like #13 at the end. Brutal. @ceecoxy I contacted them about my application too! After I read my PS months after I wrote it I thought that they would tear it apart but they said it was really well written, which I was really really surprised with. They said the biggest flaw on my application was a C I got in my Freshman writing class, and my letters of rec were "ok". I thought I had some pretty solid people writing (2 Nurse managers,an NP and my prof for A&P), but I don't think I did a good enough job "coaching" my recommenders. I also had Micro and Chem in progress. They didn't say that it hurt my application, but I'm sure it was a factor. If anyone else has a C in a writing class, see if you can't replace it with something else (as long as you can prove it is writing intensive). I asked if I could replace my C with my senior research proposal class, and it was approved. C -> B+! I wish I knew that beforehand. Anyways, I'm redoing my PS, and applying to Western, USD, USF as backups. UCLA is def my #1 choice though. Also it probably didn't help that they were short-staffed last year. Two people going though 500+ MECN apps, PLUS regular MSN and PhD students. Crazy.