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Hi! Was reading the thread from last year and then stumbled upon this one. I'm from Chicago and got invited to interview last night at work. Excited and nervous at the same time! Anyone know or ask how many applications they received this year? Going to book my ticket tomorrow, then find some place to stay :-) Goodluck to everyone!

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That's awesome! I'm doing a Skype interview because I'm deployed.they normally don't make these exceptions. Thank God!


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I'm in the afternoon session too!


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Hey all! Congratulations to everyone that has made it to the interview round! I was just wondering if anyone will be at the morning interview? That's the one I will be at and I think it would be nice to know someone there.


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I have a morning interview! I'll be seeing you at the crack of dawn haha


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Hi Everyone! I will be attending the morning interview:)

Random, but do you think a conservative dress and flats is appropriate?

Thank you!

Hi guys! First of all congratulations on making the interview! I made it too. I was so stressed I did not get it that whole day until 11:28 p.m. I am in the morning group and I'm easy to find. Broke my foot a few weeks ago.

I have a walking boot so yes! :)) I think I will wear something comfortable but cute. There are dressy flats and you should be just fine.


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If anyone wants to meet beforehand or the day of, let me know:)


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I'll be in the morning session. Not from Colorado and am down to meet up :-)


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I can met anywhere/anytime in Denver on Sunday! I might be less nervous about this interview if I can meet other students:) Let me know! Steph