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Applying out of state? Licensure


Hello everyone. I currently live in Florida but I'm considering relocating. I am a new grad who really wants to get some acute experience. Which states can I apply to before getting the license? Or is it futile to apply without getting the license in a particular state first?

Most hospitals require that you have an active license in their states before you'll be eligible to apply. Work on figuring out where you'd like to go, check out the job market, and then apply for a license endorsement in that state.

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SoldierNurse22 is right. The issue of whether you need to be licensed before applying is not something that is regulated by the state... it is dependent on the hiring organization. If they are in a location with tons of applicants, chances are they won't even take a second look at any applicant that is not already good-to-go.

I know how frustrating it is. This is the time of the year when there are sooooo many new grads out there - all competing for the same few jobs. I wish I had some magical advice for you.