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So long story short I got a DUI back in 2020. I was disciplined with probation which consisted of random drug screens. I successfully finished that AND successfully finish my court probation. I just spoke with my lawyer and the charge has been completely sealed, as in the court document I received said I am legally allowed to say no to any questions regarding this misdemeanor.

So my question is this, I won't lie on the application, but how would a non compact state look at my public nursing license discipline but also see there is no trace of legal action against me? 

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See NRSKaren reply here for more info:

Question regarding criminal case - Licensure: Criminal History (


Prepare a brief statement for your applications. Explain the resolution and that it was sealed. Most, if not all, states now use NURSYS  to validate licensure history of their applicants and it might appear there, so you are better off disclosing than not. Most states have also updated their applications by now so that the wording of legal disclosure is more inclusive of all past history (they used to leave out misdemeanors). Your 1st out-of-state license will be temporary 3 mos., so they have time to evaluate your application. Chances are good your permanent license will arrive at 3 mos.

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Nurse001. I was recently convicted of a DUI as well. I hold a CT license and I am planning to self report upon my license renewal. I am hoping probation and random drug screens is all that will happen to me but am beyond scared I will wind up suspended and lose my job, or lose my license permanently. If you don't mind me asking, what state do you hold a license in where this happen to you? I have heard CT can be lenient but am unsure. Any info would be greatly appreciated 


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I promise you won't lose your license, a dui is a dui. You'll probably end up with some type of probation but you will NOT lose your licensee. 

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