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Applying to Schools

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So recently was denied from one of the schools I applied to. I know I should have applied to more than one. However, just been having a lot of trouble figuring the application processes. Does anyone have any advice? My advisors have not been the best and have had some tell me I should explore a different major as well. I know I want to do nursing and do not see myself doing anything else. Anything helps guys!!

-Looking to get RN Associates or Bachelors does not matter.

-Took the Kaplan and scored 80

-GPA- 3.66

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Well, what are your stats like? GPA? TEAS/HESI? Do you know why you didn't get in? What type of program are you looking for? What type of degree do you want?

I'd love to help, but there's not a lot to go on.

So right now my GPA is a 3.66. I had to take the Kaplan exam for the school I applied to, I scored a 80 on it. It was really competitive program- 360 applicants and 120 get admitted. I missed the cutoff for points by less than 10 points. Didn't get points for not being a resident, so pretty slim think my GPA cost me, however I do not think it is terrible. I am looking to get into an RN program, doesn't matter if it is associates or bachelors.

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As I don't know where you want to go to school, I can't really help you except to say that you should apply to other schools. And reach out to the school that you didn't get into and ask them how you can improve your chances. What can you do to get enough points.

My advice to you is to look at all the schools in your area. Read their application processes. Make a checklist for each one and what they require. If you work off of a checklist then you won't be missing steps. Definitely apply to more than one though to increase your odds.


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