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Hi, I am currently working in a city 2hrs from Dallas and I would like to start lookin for hospitlas in Dallas, FW area. I met someone yesterday who works at Baylor and said that instead of applying online, he pretty much showed up at night unit manager's office and asked for an interview , which hedid get it and got the job. Is this method of job search still well accepted in our field? should I go for it this way, at least show up in person to recruiter's office, or follow the rule and go online?

Also if you have recommendations to good hospital/unit, im all ears. Thank you.


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Go online!!!! Certain recruiters are in charge of certain job areas/postings. Everything is online now, and they seem to prefer it that way. You don't want to step on anyone's toes or give a impression that your desperate.

They respond to job postings faster than you think. Good luck!! :)


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Thanks for ur advice! Wish me a good luck lol

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In most hospitals, the ONLY way to enter their "employment pipeline" is via an online application. There are a number of reasons for this. Just like Nursing, Human Resource departments have also experienced shrinking resources at a time when it has become even more important to maintain strict compliance with Federal, State & Local requirements. The only way they can keep up with the workload is by using automated systems. The online systems (applications, benefits, position control, performance evaluation, etc) automatically capture all of the data that is required to generate reports and maintain records.

PP is correct, at this time, being perceived as "entitled" is just about the worst thing that could happen if you are looking for a job. Best of luck to you!


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Thanks for the honest input. I too wish for my luck