Applying for NY licensure from NJ


I took my boards in Jersey and passed. I just got my license number so I plan to apply for licensure to NY also. Which forms do I fill out? 1 and 3? Just want to clarify that.

Or is there another way to apply for reciprocity? Hope someone can help me out.

I actually just got hired at a hospital here in Jersey, but plan to work per diem in the city like in a nursing home on weekends I don't work at the hospital.


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i got the same question. also planning to have both an NJ and NY license? i also just passed my NJ boards and would like to also work in NYC as well. hope someone can answer!

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If the 2 states are in the compact license agreement then you can work on your NJ license as long as you maintain a permanent residence in NJ whilst working in NY. Otherwise just follow the instructions on the NY BON website on endorsing a license


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i graduated in nj and have my nj license and applied for my ny license. i eamiled the ny license department and they emailed me the steps needed to obtain a ny license.

licensure from any state to new york

you will have to complete 2 forms 2 online courses and provide verification of your registration and nclex score in order to obtain licensure in new york.

1.)you will complete nurse form1 application for licensure and first registration along with fee of $135.00 payable to new york state dept. of education

2.) you will complete nurse form 2 certification of professional education

3.) you will either complete nurse form3 verification of other professional

4.) if you were educated outside of the united states you will have to obtain a cgfns credential verification. their forms are available online or call 215-349-8767

licensure/certification or you will put your registration information on nursys so we may check your registration and nclex status.

all forms are available on our website:

1.) if you are an rn you will take a online course in child abuse and maltreatment it is offered online one website is this course is required prior to licensure..

2.) a second course you will have to take is infection control and barrier protection a course that you will take prior to contact with patients.

hope this helps