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Hello all, I am currently a student at a local college but I am applying to another school for their nursing program because I believe it is a better school. The problem? They only admit 30 students per year to the program and it is based off of a point system. I already have a few points over someone just entering school because I have taken some of the required courses, etc. I am also going to have to take the NET entrance exam and will also be given points for that. Does anyone know what type of stuff will be on the NET. I have a book to study for the NLN entrance exam but was curious if I needed to get something on the NET exam. I am wanting to be a pediatric/NICU nurse upon graduation. If anyone is familiar with Liberal, KS and the nursing program there please let me know as I would be interested in corresponding with you about the program itself. Thanks Tammy


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Try the "student nursing" forum.

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I'm not familiar with the NET as I haven't taken it yet, but I understand your apprehension about hte "point system". My college here also has that in order to qualify for the RN program. They give you so many points for your previous grades...

I guess because there are over 150 ladies and gents applying for 30 spots in the program.

Anyway~ Welcome to the board! :)


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I took the NET test about 6 weeks ago. It's basically like the High school assessment test we took then, except it,s a little more in depth. If you have already been taking the pre-req. classes for college math, english, you should do just fine.

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