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So I have been contemplating leaving my job in the ER for a while now. I have posted a few times on the boards. Some jobs have came up and I haven't applied to any yet. I think I found my ideal job and I took the plunge and sent my resume in! I know that competition is fierce for nursing jobs lately but I am optimistic. Gotta say I will be a bit disappointed if I don't at least get an interview. Maybe you guys could send some good nursing vibes my way or a prayer or two?! This is sorta scary but exciting at the same time!! :D


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good luck!!!!


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Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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:tinkbll:Nursing Prayers coming your way!

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Best wishes and keep us posted!


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I smell an interview in the near future.


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The same type of situation just happened to me! I have been wanting to leave my current job for some time, but I didn't want to settle on a new job and waited for my dream job to come along. Well, it did! I applied on a Monday morning, got a call Monday afternoon for an interview, had my interview that Friday, and just called this past Thursday and was told that I am going to be offered a position!!! I was nervous and anxious the whole way through (in fact, I still am since I don't know the exact start date, etc., because it is a brand new unit).

TRY to be patient (although that is MUCH easier said than done) and let us know what happens. GOOD LUCK!!!

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