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After much thinking, talks with the recruiter i decided to go forward and put my package together for 70B, Health Admin within Medical Service Corps. The board convene in October, and was wondering if anyone here have any experience regarding the selaction rate. I know it is competitive, but how competitive i do not know. The recruiter keeps telling me i'll be ok, but still it makes me wonder what criteria they are using in making the selection.


my humble 2 cents... meet all requirements and you will likely get accepted - it is more of a method of filling slots of qualified applicants to meet mission requirement... I'd apply first thing of next fiscal year - talk to recruiter to have a plan for submission at first board of next fiscal year.



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Thanks for the encouragement, the board will convene in Oct, i guess that is for next FY, correct?As far as qualifications goes, I have a MBA, stable work history, managerial experience and all other requirements. The only issue might be is that i have an arrest record for a misdemeanor with no conviction (case dismissed) 10 years ago. Initially the recruiter thought i will need a waiver, but after he spoke with his superiors, he said case dismissed=no waiver, so i'm good to go. Of course the selection board will take that as a negative factor, but hopefully the positive factors will be greater.

we'll see.

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I would find a friend with an AKO account... and look into the billets available to the MOS. On the new AKO you can use the search function, find the groups and often sift through excel spreadsheets and ppts to see the allocation of your pay grade (unsure if you expect to be an 01 or perhaps have option to enter at 02 or 03) and see where they are assigned so you can gain an idea of where you are going and such - by current distributions... often the ppt on HR briefs in the branch you can find the number of slots open vs number of applicants. ;)


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i'm not sure exactly about finding an friend with an AKO account, but my recruiter told me that he "saved" me a slot under my name in the system somewhere. I'm not familiar what system he was talking about though. But apparently i have a slot. This does not mean that i will get selected of course.



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Does anyone know if the Army Reserve is still offering the two year service obligation for people over 40? I want in and have a BSN + MSN!

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Did you really need to post this in four seperate threads? This thread is over a year old and isn't even related to 66H's.

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