Applying to Accelerated BSN OHSU 2022


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I am CNA Certified and completing my prereqs to apply for the Accelerated BSN program for OHSU 2022 Fall start and hoping to start this thread to connect with others in the same boat.

To be eligible, I will need to complete Genetics and Microbio. These are the last classes I'll need. 

I am enrolled to take Microbio and Genetics this term but am grappling with the decision to keep or drop them. I believe my schedule/life will feel more spacious in the Spring, then I thought I could hold off on Microbio?

I am working 4x/week and in transition with moving/ending a relationship. I am also volunteering at a hospital once a week. Nonetheless, I feel stressed and managing as best as I can.

I checked in with an admissions counselor at OHSU, and found out that I can in fact complete all prereqs by May to start in Summer/fall 2022. Two questions here;  I am afraid I don't have enough healthcare experience but cannot take on a CNA job. What kinds of healthcare experiences have most applicants had? And two, should I take Microbiology this term or take it in the Spring (when I'll have more time)?


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I don’t have much to offer, but am in the same boat as you with my concern about my lack of healthcare experience. I’ve been a massage therapist for 8 years, but even though I did insurance billing and charted notes, that’s not always seen as healthcare. I am just starting a weekly volunteer shift at the hospital and hope that that will help set me apart even though I’ll only be 3 months in with that experience.

If you’re working 4 days a week, volunteering, AND going through some personal life stuff, I think it may be a good idea to wait on Microbiology. I’m taking it fall term, but everyone I’ve talked to says it’s a pretty intense load. It’s good to have all of your prerequisites done, but you can have 1 in progress. I’d rather have 1 class in progress rather than getting a lower grade and having them all complete.


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Hi. Thanks for starting this. Like yourselves, I'm also hoping to gain acceptance for Falll 2020 and have somewhat limited healthcare experience at this time due to deciding on this track right before COVID hit. I just obtained my CNA license and am looking to gain a little experience before applying. Fingers crossed for us all.


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I applied to their ABSN program last year and didn’t get in ? I’m applying again for their 2022 Summer start and feel a bit more confident! I completed all prerequisites and have 6 months of experience working as a CNA. I now work as a behavior technician and a lot of my clients have medical conditions I need to monitor and document. I hope this is enough experience to get into the program!
Good luck to everyone


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There are a lot of people in the program that have limited health care experience. They care more about your ability to think critically and effective communication skills. 


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Hi everyone! 

I submitted for Summer 2021 start on the Portland campus, but I also marked that I wish to be considered for fall and Winter. Hoping that we all receive emails about the essays and continue in the process! It has been exciting and hard work to apply to all of these programs and I am so happy to be done with all of my initials applications. Good luck ?