Application Deadline Yesterday... Let the Waiting Game Begin


I know there have been a lot of *waiting* threads out there... but I just wanted to throw out there that my application deadline was yesterday. I handed (literally hand delivered) my application mid Jan and now I wait for a March reply... its killing me. My life is on hold right now pending this decision. If I get in, this is it... if I dont, I go back to my 1st career and take more prereqs at night and reapply. I dont want to do the latter. I want this. I can do this. I think I would be really good at this if I was given the chance. ... . :redbeathe


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I'm right there with ya! I turned my application in mid jan. as well and will be finding out around the end of feb. possibly sooner. Just keep up that positive thinking! It's WHEN we find out we got accepted, not IF we got accepted :).

I am so ready to start a program!!! My life is on hold too, so this will be very exciting!

Good luck to you and keep me posted!


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me too! : ) We will know soon enough though. I guess! :uhoh3::):):)


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ME TOO. Why can't it be March NOW :uhoh3: !! I don't have high hopes for getting in because my scores aren't good. It's mediocre.:down::down: Why did you only apply to one school?

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Same. I am anxiously hoping that I can give my 3 week notice in August and get out of my job that I am unhappy with. I am not a great applicant grade wise so I am hoping that my experience will prevail becuase I have some great and extensive experience including work as an EMT, in mental health services, and volunteering in several hospitals.

I am not too optimistic though :(

I pray for all of you as much as I pray for myself.


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I am in the same boat! I don't know if I can make it until March/April to find out! I just wish the admissions people could see me jumping up and down about how excited I am about nursing school!

Why did you only apply to one school?

Its mostly my fault that I only applied to one school. I was at my previous job thinking and thinking about changing careers but didnt have the guts. Then, I was laid and took it as a sign. Unfortunately, by the time I was laid off I didnt have time to take my GREs and apply to more schools before their deadlines. Its OK though, because the school I applied to was my first choice school and I had been eyeing it since the summer. I had some clue was going to get laid off but didnt think it would actually happen.... denial much?!?! Changing careers is really scary but I feel like this is the right thing for me..:)