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APA software?



I'm starting my RN-BSN program nest month (eeks) and wanted to ask if anyone has heard of any software that assists in formatting APA style papers (for assignment purposes etc)



RNinRubySlippers, BSN, RN

Specializes in Acute Medicine/ Palliative.

yes, I have one. It is called format ease. It is helpful for begingers. I have odne so many, I hardly need it! But it is great!

Thanks Bex!

I am terrified of writing papers. I am a good enough writer, but following certain styles scares me off.

Reference Point software works very well. It is a template progtram that loads into your word processing program. Takes all the guess work out of the formatting.



Just saw APA software at Circuit City electronics store. I think it was about $50. It also came installed in Microsoft XP Professional on my daughter's Dell laptop.

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