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Ap1 with statistics or Ap1 with chemistry??

Mely333 Mely333 (New) New

Hi I really needed advice on how to pair my classes for next semester. Should I take AP1 with chemistry or should I take AP1 with statistics. Thanks

I'm taking A&P I and statistics right now. It's going just fine.

However, I took chemistry before A&P and it's helped me a TON. The concepts are much easier to understand if you have a good foundation in chemistry. So my recommendation would be to take chemistry before A&P if you can. I'm sure it can be done differently, but I can't even count how many times I've thought "I'm so glad I already know these concepts".

That's not to say you can't do well in A&P without chemistry if you're on a tight schedule. I'm not sure what your degree requires, but taking nutrition during A&P I was very helpful as well - many of the same concepts and proteins/hormones/chemical reactions were covered in both classes.

If I remember correctly... Some chemistry would help you with physio.... but like someone already mentioned, it does have a lab so it may be a little challenging. But if you can take them together and take some lighter course to balance out, then you might be good taking them simultaneously


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