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AP HELP! Muscles!

We have another lecture exam Wednesday covering the integumentary system, bone tissue, and muscles. I am having a hard time with the concept of the sarcomere and muscle contraction. Any suggestions on useful tutorials or websites? Thank you! I have been doing very well (A) in my class and I'd like to keep up the stellar grades. :)

Thank you so much! I really appreciate all your suggestions! :)


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How did you do on your exam? That section tends to be a little challenging but I'm sure you did well!

I got an A! :) A low one, but oh well it's still an A! The test was pretty challenging, but I did study lots. :) Thanks for asking.

My A&P teacher was using a CD in class to illustrate muscle contraction and the sliding filament theory. I found the same exact info on this website. It helped me a lot to be able to "see" the movements, etc.


I don't see how you guys have tests on multiple chapters in A&P and can handle it. My teacher goes into such great detail and makes us learn so much from each chapter that I am spending approx. 12-15 hours of studying for each test and the last one on muscles I studied for about 20 hours. I am expecting a "C" on that test even though my average in that class is currently an "A". It was SOOOOO difficult!!!

A lot of the students in our class are mad that she is making it more detailed than it "should be"...don't know how they came up with that "should be" level of difficulty...I just look at it like this...she is breaking me in early for nursing school since it will, no doubt, be very challenging and only the dedicated succeed!

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