anyone work for PSA


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PSA home health pediatric private duty?

What are the pros and cons?

What do you do on a typical day?

They offered me 28-30/hour.

Thank you

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I did briefly back in the fall for a few months on peds private duty. They offered me paltry wages claiming Medicaid, but gave me a pretty easy case. Staff was nice and I liked the weekly paychecks, but I really wasn't all about the heaps of nursing notes I had to write on that one. Finally learned how to write a proper nursing note, though!

Busted out as soon as I found something better (i.e. hospital job).


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I've been with them for about three years now. To my understanding, your experience can vary greatly based on your location/office. They are notorious for hiring warm bodies for a shift in my area, putting new grads right out into the field fairly quickly. I live in a fairly rural area and I've had no problem with receiving hour, I actually have to turn down extra shifts on cases fairly regularly to keep myself around the 40-50 hours a week mark. The pay isn't the best, but I'm also an associates RN and this has been my first job so far.

Basically if you're competent and realistic in skills and have a good office they can be a good full time job, or somewhere to pick up extra hours as a side gig.

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I worked for them for 3 months somewhere in Texas in late 2015, and my experience was less than stellar. They offered me one payscale when I hired in, but when I actually worked for them, I was getting paid the same (lower) rate for a Trach/Vent, G button kid as a DD kid that just needed accompanied to school. When I inquired about it, I was basically told too bad so sad. The final straw for me was when they sent me out to orient on a case they hadn't even opened yet. I had no legal standing to be in that patient's home.

That being said, I'm sure the offices vary depending on your location, but make sure you get your hourly rate in WRITING.


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I work for PSA and love it. It is definitely not the highway paying, but worth the lower stress and flexible schedule. For me, getting to spend time with my kiddos without being exhausted and having a patient who becomes like family is priceless.

I worked for them for several years. The issue is that your experience can vary based on location/office/manager.

My manager was terrible. She never brought needed supplies (gloves) when asked. She never did an actual assessment when she came for her visits. She lied, she was supposed to come for a monthly visit but came every 2 - 3 months.

The family was AWESOME! I loved my case. I stayed nearly 3 years until I went on to something that paid better.


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Anyone know what the hourly rate PSA pays for pediatric RNs?

Thanks in advance.