Anyone Wanna Give Up Old Nclex Books?

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Hi everyone!

Just wondering if anyone has any old nclex books they dont need anymore. You know how poor us students are while in school and I cant afford the $30 - 50 price tag on these books. :o Just email or pm me and let me know and well work something out! I really appreciate your help! God Bless!



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If you are using this to prepare for your NCLEX exam, don't use an old book, but BUY a new one.

Things change about the test from year to year, they cover some different material, etc.

You'd not want to waste your time learning relatively outdated stuff and learning more relevant items after all the time and money you've put into getting through school would you?

Penny wise, pound foolish. IMHO.


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HI! I agree with you sjoe but I have already spent over 300 on NCLEX books and my thinking is this: the way the body works never changes, I understand that testsm etc. may change but old questions may still help me so please if anyone has any....I STILL WANT THEM! THANKS GUYS!


I don't have any NCLEX books, but Kaplan has a great website where you can take practice tests.


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When I was in school, they really stressed that you should answer as many questions as you can. Myself and each person in our little group of people bought a book, and then traded each other every few days. They suggested some absurd amount of questions that we should be doing each day.

I speak for no one else, but for me, it was getting used to the type of questions that was beneficial. By the time I graduated, I either knew it or I didn't. But practicing those questions really helped me.

Hope you can get your hands on some books!



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Hopefully they are testing you in school the way the boards test...I found the NCLEX book to be USELESS for preparation. Either you know it or not...just don't wait too long to test.

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