Anyone taking NCLEX on 07/11?


Hi there! Wanted to see who else was taking NCLEX on 07/11! It's always good to see how many else are feeling the way I feel about the boards exam coming up soon! Also, this way we can keep in touch and see how studying is coming along.

I am filled with so many mixed emotions about this exam. I'm nervous, but at the same time excited inside a little.. And also feel a bit sick inside the stomach too.

So far I'm doing questions on NCSBN's online course, also reviewing routine labs/tests/diseases to freshen up and infection control too. How are you coming along? :)


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I take my exam July 10th and only God knows how nervous I am ! But I'm remaining confident .


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Hi Missnurse 792,

Gosh I know exactly how you feel... I'm glad to have another person on board with a date set close within my date scheduled! I'm up all night again doing nclex questions, and taking breaks on here of course! :) What are you using to study?


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I'm using uworld and ati . I pray that is good enough to pass . They test minimal competency so if we got through nursing school then we can get through this ☺️