Anyone take A&P I and Fundamentals together???


I am about to do this very thing... Yes, I know it will be hard, but please just tell me that it is doable.... If you did both of these classes together do you have any tips as to how to stay on top of both?



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Definitely do-able. You'll be fine. I did it last semester and also took med terms at the same time too. You just have to be organized and take time to study. Good luck!


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Where I go, these two classes are always taught in the same term, the first to be exact. It wasn't a problem at all.



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In my school, most people are taking A&P II, pharm, fundamentals and nutritition ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!! Thank you Jesus I was able to take nutrition and A&P II at a community college prior to entering the nursing program. I don't know if I could do all of that at once. Last semester I did have to take Nurs 100, 101 and Micro at the same time, other had A&P I in addition to those classes. I barely survived Micro partially my fault because I didn't commit to a study schedule and also I work double shifts on the weekends as a CNA.

All I can say is don't fall behind on reading. Develop a plan of action for studying and different ways to learn the material and you'll be fine.

Good Luck!

That's how it's set up at my school. However, some people choose to take it before as a liberal studies major and then focus on nursing classes only when they make it into the program. I did it all at once. I did well but it was stressful, definitely.


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Hello I am taking A&P1, Fund, Med Term and Nutrition. We have test back to back but it is durable. What i do is go over my notes as soon as i get home and try to read the summary of the next chapter so i can say ahead. So far i have been pulling high 90's so you can do it be strong.


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I took Funds and Micro together and I got a 4.0 that semester. I don't think A&P would be any different. I think it is totally doable. My suggestion is to be organized and stay on top of your work in both classes - don't let anything go until last minute.

You can do it!:)


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I think I would challenge yourself as much as possible before nursing school with pre-req load. Nursing school is not easy I will say that and the more challenges you take with school work the less of a suprize nursing school will be for you.

just my 2cents


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Most people in our program took A&P II with fundamentals & pharm, I had enough time to get that done before I started thank god cuz I would have went nuttso lol

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