anyone starting RN to BSN program at UTA in November?

U.S.A. Texas


I got my acceptance call and email from this school few days ago. I'm still trying to digest all the information they are requiring us to do like registering, activating emails, etc... I'm also nervous because nursing classes are only 5 weeks. If anybody have been through this program i'll surely appreciate any advices.

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I start classes in November. Activating the school's email is pretty easy, they will email you step-by-step instructions. Registering for classes were easy also. If you're familiar with registering for classes online, then it's pretty much the same process.

I'm prepared for the challenge of the 5-week classes. They tell you that it will take a certain number of hours each week to invest for each class. Also, if you didn't buy your books yet, have used and gently used books that's alot cheaper than the school's bookstore.

What classes are you taking 1st? I'm taking Technical Writing and the Professional Nursing class.

I'll be taking the Professional Nursing A class. I guess we can't take two nursing classes at a time. Have you tried texRus or campusbookrentals or cheggs to rent your textbook? they are so much cheapter then used books.

hI, I started in october of this year and Instead of doing two classes I did one---state and local govt...yeah I have to do nine credits of those

Nov I will do PROF NUR A and then Jan i start doing two classes. ....I wish that they had a RN-BSN-MSN programme though or straight RN-MSN. .......Good luck

I will start the nursingHow did you like the nursing classes, A&B class in couple weeks, why doesn't this class require a book. I just finished stats which to me was the hardest class I ha ve ever taken in all my life, I'm hoping for more familiar waters with this class, any advice.

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