Anyone here starting dutchess boces lpn program in Sept??

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I posted on the LPN tab as well, but thought I may have better luck here connecting with other prospective students. Anyone apply to Dutchess (New York) boces to start in Sept?

I am scheduled to take the Teas exam for entrance on Monday. I am really hoping to get into this program, as the RN programs I cannot start until next year.

If anyone has applied and been accepted I would be real happy to hear your feedback on if you have taken the Teas, and how long does it take to hear back if you have been accepted.

Thanks! Kathy


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I also took the test yesterday for the Boces LPN program (For Sept). I was wondering how long test results took- they didn't say anything during the exam.


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When I took the TEAS I got my results automatically when I was finished.


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You can check the ati testing website for "test results". I plan to try to call tomorrow to ask when the results should be available, and how long to hear about admission.

To Stephaneee, the dutchess boces was a "paper" test. I took the practice online, and did get my results immediately upon completion.

Hlah, If I get any answers, I will post again with the info. Do you know how many total students they take for each class? There were alot of people taking the test yesterday!

How do you think you did? I just barely finished the math, but I feel OK about how I did. The science was tough for me. So many areas to study, I thought I had reviewed most topics, but the test yesterday...I am not so sure.

Good luck, K


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The test just went to ATI this morning. Hopefully next week we will find out our results. Good luck.


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Stepanieee, if you check this message....

If you log on to ATI testing website, you can see your score.. :yeah:


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Hi everyone... I took the Teas test on May 2009 for the sep program. The test was on Monday and I got the results on wednesday in the internet (teas web). By saturday in the morning I got the acceptance letter from Dutchess Boces. It took only 5 days to get the results.

I already payed the admission fee. I have to do the CPR certification and get some shots.

The test was long... around 4 hours. I didn't like the essay because after many hours sitting and reading the test, you would have to read a one page reading and from the info there write the essay.

Good luck and see you on september in the full time program


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I called last wed.. and I saw that the test results were posted the following day. I got an 80.. what did you guys get??

The math (which I studied for HOURS) was just horrible - I only got like a 59 on that part... but I guess the other sections were high enough to bump my grade.

I talked to school and they said they should know by Monday (today) and should be sending out acceptance letters. The woman I spoke to said to call today to see what was going on....

Let me know if you guys get in!

Good luck!!


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hey everyone! I talked to school today- I got in!!! Did anyone else hear back ??


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I am in too! I am so excited and looking forward to getting started! :nurse: My name is Kathy, and your name? I am taking the full time course starting in September.

I got laid off from work, and now have this opportunity to do this... something I have always wanted to do. Things happen for a reason! :wink2:


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Kathy- Did you sit next to me during the exam? I never caught the womans name- but she too lost her job, and was looking for a new career ??

My name is Heather :)

I guess we are classmates then!!! How exciting!


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Hello is it too late to register for sept.09 lpn program @ dutchess boces-i failed the math like a year ago

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