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Anyone from St. Anthony College of Nursing?



Wondering if anyone here is a student at St. Anthony College of Nursing located in Rockford, IL. If so, I wish to network.


I'd be interested in this as well as I am in the process of applying to the program.

I am currently attending SACN. Tough school but I hear it prepares you well. What ?s do you have?

Thank you Sail81. Are you a Jr or a Sr? What classes you found most difficult? Or are they just a lot of work? Are they as bad as A&P classes? What do you like about the program and what don't you like about the program? How are the instructors? Do you work? Is it possible to work at least P/T 20 hrs/wk? Was it difficult to get in?

I'm currently taking prereqs at RVC and will be applying for Fall '09. Any tips you can give will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much for your time.

I would have to commute about an hour or so from McHenry county so what times are you in classes/clinicals? (I would be transferring as a Junior)

Ditto to the above questions about classes/profs as well.

I don't know if you guys will check back to this since it's been awhile since the last post, but here goes:

I am currently a student at the college. I am in my senior year and let me give a little rundown of the semesters.

First semester is the hardest for most. You come in and it is a new way of studying. Your brain has to get used to functioning, studying and answering a certain way. While this may sound funny, you will understand once your in. Second semester is better with mom/baby and that will get you through until third semester (where I am at now). Third semester is hard, but I found first harder. There is a lot of indepth information third semester, so while it is a lot to do, it is more time consuming than any of the other ones. Fourth (and last) I am not sure about as I haven't been there yet.

Someone asked about working 20 hours. You can do it if that and studying is your life. Do not expect to party as much as your peers at other universities. If you have a family, I don't see how it would be possible to work that many hours and keep them close. Most people don't have jobs. I do and I work about 16 (which is enough) and the only reason I can do that is because I can study at my job and I have no other obligations (family, husband, etc.).

If you are thinking of going here, prep yourself. You will have no life. People have had breakdowns, have to go on medication, marriages have fallen apart. This school is ridiculously hard (more than needed) and you need to know that going in. I wish someone would have given me a one up. I say apply to every nursing school you can. If you get in, this school is frustrating and hard :banghead:. I want to say it is worth it, but I have talked to many grads from here who say they make it harder than needed. I talk to people at other nursing colleges and this is renowned for being, well, insane. As one grad said to me: "Just keep jumping through the hoops, it will be over with soon."

But it is totally doable, you just need to go in knowing that you will be giving everything of yourself to get through. And I mean EVERYTHING. As for commuting, there are a few people in my class who drive from an hour away each day from various areas, so that isn't a problem (except on clinical mornings where you have to be there at 6:30 am. Definitely don't envy that :wink2:).

If anyone has any other questions, I will be happy to answer them!!

Here is a reply to some questions posted that I didn't get to in my last post. Classes that are most difficult: Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, Med/Surg (third semester, not second semester-there are two). Foundations can be rough for some people. Just make sure you read. This isn't a Rock Valley class where you can get by without opening your books. I can't stress that enough. Some people made that mistake and they were sorry they did. In relation to the A&P classes, the ones listed above are harder. I pine for my Rock Valley class days, lol. As for the instructors, some care and are very helpful, some, not-so-much. You will find out who is who when you are there. To get in, make sure you get good grades! I had someone with a 2.5 tell me she was applying and was sure she would get in. I wanted to laugh, because there is no way on god's green earth that would make it. They have over 200 applicants every semester and only take 40-45. So bring that GPA up! Especially in your A&P, Micro, and Chemistry classes.

I know my posts aren't the most positive, but I am really trying to brace anyone who reads this for reality. Like I said, I wish someone had told me, so I just want everyone going in knowing what they are getting into. I hope they help!

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer the questions. They were very insideful. Appreciate your honesty.

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