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Anyone OCCC

Does anyone know anything about the OCCC Career Ladder Pathway? I applied for this coming Fall semester and I am wandering how many points are usually needed for acceptance? And about how long it usually takes to hear back about acceptance? What do I do to ease this anxiety for possibly 8 weeks???? Lol. Any info from anyone would be nice.

I did. Although I don’t think I will get in. Not enough points. I kind of waited until the last minute to get everything turned in and tests taken. I have a couple friends that have applied too. No ones heard anything!

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Great I am so Happy to hear from ANYONE hahaa.! I felt So alone because I dont know Anyone applying.. until now. I also Waited until the last minute to apply and wasn’t able to take the TEAS. Do you know how many points are good to have with getting into the program?

The lowest I’ve heard is 12 points

@Caycay19 Is that recent? I have 14. I hate I wasnt able to take the TEAS. Everything costs so much to study and take the tests.

So I spoke with Shelley Miller yesterday and she said we would hear back 4-6 weeks after the application deadline. She said some years they are able to accept all CLP students who are eligible. Just depends how many apply. She said there is not a minimum point preference. 14 should be good though!

That’s good to hear!! So as soon as next Friday.!! I cant wait.!!!

Still nothing? Lol. This is torture. Who do I email to get some kind of update?

Got my acceptance letter today!!

1 hour ago, NurseNacole said:

I got Mine too.

Yay that’s awesome!


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