Anyone have nightmares?


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I still have dreams like that and I retired almost three years ago!


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That's too bad Viva! I had hoped itty would at least stop when I returned! Sorry you still have to deal with it!


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I don't have work related nightmares per se, although I am sure they are related at least partially with work stress!!

The main ones I have now are tornadoes!! Recurring nightmares that we are being blown away by massive tornadoes, trying to find shelter, etc lol.



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The only time I have work related nightmares is when I spend too much time monitoring patients in triggers my claustrophobia big time, and manifests in nightmares. I occasionally find co-workers appear in my dreams, but that's about all.

LOL the pt was supposed to have claustrophobia, not you! I know what you mean though! I used to work in a really small office, had to close the door when interviewing, and I was feeling major claustrophobia!