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Anyone in Minnesota?


Trying to network here. Anyone? Thanks!

Trying to network here. Anyone? Thanks!

Yes I am and I am a new grad looking and hoping to get into the hospital and how about you?


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Hi, I am an RN in Northern MN, graduated in 2005. I am a LTC nurse.

i work in minnesota, live in wisconsin. i work in a hospital.


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Hi. I live in Minneapolis. I am a LPN at a LTC facility and will be graduating from an ADN program next month. I will be moving to Portland, Oregon this summer though...

klone, MSN, RN

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Not in MN right now, but born and raised in Minneapolis, and lived there until I was 30. Sometimes I'm homesick, especially for SW Minneapolis, Lake Harriet, and Uptown. :( Especially this time of year!

jessrene, LPN

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I am RN in small rural hospital in central MN, we are short nurses because we are so rural but yet close enough for people to communte to cities for bigger pay scale. Nurses here get to cross train a lot and there is a lot of variety to the patient care, you can float or stay in one department, and the experienced nurses are great resources for the new grads. Mille Lacs Health System has down sides too, like fluxing poplulation right now, but it is overall very stable and enjoyable place to work. Check us out on the web. I have been here for 4 years and am planning to stay for at least 4 more.