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Just got the message last friday that they are going to interview me for the Accelerated BSN program I applied to. It all really depends on whether my app is processed and my transcripts get here in time. I was a bad girl and put it off until it was almost too late.

So my question is did anyone else have to interview for a BSN program? What kind of questions did they ask?

I'm trying not to put my hopes into this. I've realized the past 2 months that maybe I'm not ready to go to nursing school this fall with all the health problems I've had. I'm perfectly fine with waiting another year, but it would be great if it could be this year.



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I had two interviews for accelerated BSN programs. During the first interview, the interviewer asked me 6 standard questions that she said were asked of all interviewees. I can't remember what they were exactly but they were along the lines of "Describe a conflict and how you resolved it", "What do you want to do after obtaining your BSN", "How have you prepared for an accelerated BSN program", etc.

In the other interview, I was asked about my academic performance from undergrad (I received very poor grades) and we discussed what I hoped to do after graduating with a BSN.

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here are some links to interview questions for a first nursing job. the questions, while designed for a job interview, are still appropriate for nursing school entrance interviews and will give you an idea of what kinds of questions interviewers will ask. interviewers, in general, are trying to assess your character strenths and weaknesses. keep in mind that rns are generally thought of as being potentially future leaders. the main qualities that interviewers like to examine are :

  • initiative - autonomy
  • dynamism - energy
  • responsibility
  • orientation to the client and co-workers (ability to provide customer service)
  • learning capacity
  • productivity
  • high adaptability - flexibility
  • leadership
  • team work
  • tolerance to pressure
  • analytic ability
  • desire to pursue professional development

do you see any of these qualities in yourself?

good luck! - questions you'll be asked - questions for nurses to ask employers during interviews - inappropriate or unaccepatable interview questions and what you should do if you are asked one of these

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I am scheduled for an interview in 11 days, with finals haven't had much time to think about it or for it to sink in


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Thank you wits_end and daytonite for your answers. It gives me something to think about.

I talked to admissions today and it sounds like they won't process my app until at least Monday. I wish I could have submitted it online, because I think it would have gone through faster. I'm going to call the nursing school tommorow, to make sure that is soon enough for them to consider me. I keep on kicking myself for not finishing the app earlier. Then I wouldn't be so worried now.



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I have been invited to interview for admission into the nurse practitioner program at UIC graduate entry program. My interview is in a few days and I feel like I am scrambling to prepare. When I was a music student, I had to prepare many auditions for admission into undergrad and grad schools-- the 5 minute audition is the equivalent to the interview, with one big difference- in an audition, I know exactly what I am going to "say" with my instrument and have been practicing for months before hand.

However with the nursing school "audition", the stakes seem so much higher. I am flattered to be invited to interview, which means I beat out most of the applicants, but still concerned that the school's decision to admit me will hinge on the interview.

It seems that the closer that the interview is, the harder it becomes to answer even the most basic question- why do you want to become a nurse? I certainly have my reasons for wanting to become a nurse, but I find I am having a hard time articulating this while I practice answering interview questions by myself.

What other advice does anyone have specific to nursing school interviews?

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In my interview for an accelerated BSN, they asked a lot of "typical" questions, like why I wanted to go into nursing school and what my goals are in the nursing profession. They also asked me to tell about a time when I had to think on my feet, when I had to resolve conflict, and (apparently this program is big on diversity) how I work with people who are different from me. They also asked one or two situational questions. The one I kind of remember was something like "You walk into the hospital on your first day of clinicals and you see a homeless man sleeping in the hallway. You also see an old man walking through the door who looks lost and confused. What do you do?"

Mostly they wanted to know what in my life experience has helped me prepare for this experience and how I handle things like challenges, conflicts, and other aspects of the job.

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