Anyone heard of J and J Healthcare Institute?


  • Specializes in CNA. Has 11 years experience.

I was looking for 2nd degree BSN programs that do the hybrid classes where some are online and some are in class and found this school. Read the reviews and realized real fast they’re a scam. The 5 star reviews seem sketchy and when I kept reading and got to the 1 star reviews I discovered that they offer people gift cards for good reviews. I got bored and kept digging. Found the facebook page and they have “CNA to LPN program” that they claim takes 5 months for CNAs. I know it’s a scam, but like the amount of people who fall for these things confuses me so much. They blocked me from the page after I called them out on it and asked them what the curriculum was and what text books they use if it’s not a scam. But I was just curious if anyone had heard of this place and I’m even more curious how places like that manage to get accredited and not get sued for false advertising or something. Like that can’t be legal to advertise for programs that don’t exist, can it? IDK why it irks me so much.