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has anyone heard of a good college for nursing


has anyone heard of a good college for nursing in el paso or has anyone heard of el paso community college

Any college with a nursing program that accepts you as a student, provides you with a nursing education good enough to give you the basics to pass the NCLEX, and graduates you and signs off on your application for the NCLEX, is a good college. I say this because most students find it difficult to find a school to get accepted at in this day and age of overloaded nursing programs. Most students apply to every school that is near to their home, and hope that they are accepted at one of them. Good luck in finding a spot in nursing school.

I agree. I think there are a lot of wonderful nursing programs in the state of Texas. I don't know many that I wouldn't want to go to except for Prairie View A&M. That is just my own opinion, though. I have heard a lot of positive and negative things about many programs, but the truth is that none of them are perfect, and all of them are very difficult. I suggest that you gather information about several programs and narrow them down according to your own needs and the one that is a good match for you. If you can, visit the nursing department of the schools you are interested in and try to talk to people in each program, even if it is on here at allnurses. I wish you a lot of luck. You will find a good match.

Prairie View A&M University College of Nursing is a great school....i recently graduated with my BSN. It is a tough school but you will learn a lot! This school prepares you to pass your boards and HESI! yes you may have heard negative things about this school but there is always some bad things and good things about each school. Good luck in your choice!

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If you're in El Paso, you may also wish to consider the University of Texas at El Paso. This school offers several nursing programs.

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