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has anyone got into nursing school with below a 3.5 gpa?

hi all,

I have a friend who has been trying really hard to get into nursing school. I was just accepted to uta's program for spring 2010 and i promised i would help her out and advice her as much as i could so she could get into a school for fall 2010 semester. She will have around a 3.2 gpa by the end of this semester. realistically does she have a chance of getting in any nursing schools? has anyone been accepted into a nursing program that had less than a 3.5 gpa?

I haven't been accepted but I was "waitlisted" for UTHSCH with a 3.2. So she has a great chance.

I guess I should also note that this is out of 800.

thanks for responding sholman713, im sure she will be glad to see that it is possible to get in. good luck on getting in at UTHSCH.

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My former coworker got accepted into the BSN program at Tarleton State with a 3.0 grade point average.

TCU is also another school that will realistically accept applicants that have less than a 3.5 grade point average due to their expensive tuition rates.

I just got accepted to UTMB with around a 3.0 if that helps!

congrats toasterbell! thanks for sharing!


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Hey, i got accepted into PVAMU with around 3.2, so anything is achievable and also I had a coworker that go into UTHSC with a 3.0. Never lose hope allcan be done


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I got into uthsc with 3.5 prereq, 3.38 sci, and 3.0 overall from previous degree. But, I also had like 99 percentile NET and prior healthcare experience.

To send a little encouragement. I was accepted into UTA with a 3.0 GPA. It was a rough road, I was wait listed twice and got accepted on the second go round. Only a semester after my initial application. I always say once you're in everybody is on a level playing field, because nursing school is like no other. Some people have book smarts and can't apply the info and there are others who have difficulty with the material/test but are great when it comes to clinicals/direct patient care. I would say I was in between...LOL. I graduated May 07, passed NCLEX with 75 questions and just began my ACNP program this fall. Currently taking 2 classes while working fulltime with an 18 month old and husband at home. Adv Patho 92% avg and Theory 91%. I am telling my story because it is possible. I believe in prayer. Good luck to you and your friend.

wow that is awesome RN07NP12. good luck with your ACNP program! like the saying goes "where there's a will, there's a way".

you all have been so helpful. thank you!

I just wanted to say, yes, its possible.

3 semesters ago, ElCentro/Northlake accepted a 2.6 due to low application for the particular semester. It seems that the Fall semesters usually have less applicants than the spring. I think the tons of spring applicants deters for fall applicants. People hear they only accepted 3.8 and above and just dont apply while they retake a class. I have seen this a couple times over the years between my prereqs and now my friends.

2 semesters ago, Northlake accepted a 3.46 and I believe ElCentros cutoff was 3.6.

Last semester (well, the current one), the grades did go up. Im not sure what to, because I started into the program myself.

If you friend is really worried, look into getting a job at a hospital. There are many hospital groups that have their programs in association with local colleges. In the DFW area, THR, HCA and Methodist all are in partnership with El Centro. The HCA program took more students than either of the college campuses (Northlake and ElCentro). I believe they took 55 students from 5-6 hospitals. THR I believe took 20 and Methodist 10. The great thing about hospital programs is you are judged outside of your grades. You can have a 2.5 and be a great nurse. You are judged on your commitment to the hospital, your attitude (interview), your grades, etc.... Our hospital was planning on accepting 12 students...well we only had 6 apply...needless to say everyone was in. Next fall, they are expecting 20 people or so to apply for 12-15 spots in the hospital...better odds than 400 applying for 50



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