Anyone going to CSUSM's ABSN program?

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If you could give me some insight on how the program is, that would be great! 

Specifically, what I should expect from the time commitment? Is it difficult planning your life around the courses and clinicals? How consistent is your schedule throughout the program? What is your school-life balance like?

Are the professors good?
And in general, how do you like it? 

I have a baby boy and was planning to apply for the Spring 2025 program- he'll be 1.5years old by then and I'm a little worried about being able to spend time with him while I'm going to school tbh. 


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Hey! I graduated from the program. I loved it. It is very challenging but doable. The teachers are great for the most part. The second semester of clinicals and those during Summer are the busiest because they are only 10 weeks. You may not have a lot of extra time during these semesters. It will be difficult having a young child while in school, but people do it. School was definitely my focus. If you have a good support system it will be doable. Work life balance, it's going to take up most of your time. Again, some semesters are lighter and you will have more time. You will need to study a lot. The schedule changes every semester, and you won't know your clinical sites too far ahead of time. Clinicals are 1-2x per week around 9 hours, may or may not be close to where you live.  We had 1 lecture day per week, around 8-4pm depending on semester, plus studying/papers/projects 20-30 hours per week depending on how much you need. Let me know if you have other questions!

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