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Anyone in FL considering going into army nursing?


I graduate nursing school in May 2010 and joined the army nurse corps in September :) Just wanted to know if anyone else has joined or thinking about it!!!

I've definitely thought about it, at least into *a* branch, not sure which. My dad recently retired out of the AF so he has been overtly plugging them!

Can you tell me more about it? Pros? Cons? Time committment? Work schedule and location? Signing bonus? Definite deployment or not?


Thought about it.... I am not too old for the reserves or the Guard, just active duty. Been thinking of doing Navy nursing through the Civil Service.

Deployment - for the Army, guaranteed. For the Navy, medical deployments are 6 mo stints. AF, not sure.

BTW, USAF vet here and I always advise AF. Honestly, they treat their people better. :D

Renee, come back into your post!!! :coollook:

Sorry! I didn't forget about the post! Let me first say how excited I am to start this new chapter in my life! I just want to hurry up and graduate! Ok, so the pros: Serve my country, EXCELLENT training, loan repayment, Public health speciality training (they also offer: ICU, ER, OR, Mental health, OB) free health care, educational opportunities (100 % paid), travel opportunities, leadership, something new, and I could go on and on... The cons: Of course the possibility of deployment. I've talked to many nurses that NEVER deployed and others who have been more than once. When it's your time, it's your time. The army nurses I have talked to about being deployed describe it as the best and worst time of their life. Learn/experience and witness a lot. Really that is the only con for me, but some consider being "owned" by the army for 3 years and being moved around as cons, but not for me... I'm ready for the challenge!

I took a 3-year committment which included loan repay for up to $150k and that's exactly what I wanted. They do have other incentive options like sign-on bonuses or an option of combining the loan repay and sign-on bonus. If I discover that I like being in the ANC, I'll extend my term, but I want to try it out and see how I enjoy it... who knows, maybe I'll be a lifer and retire at 46!

As far as locations for the army medical centers, they are all over from out of the country (Germany, Alaska, Italy, Japan) to our local states (I chose Hawaii, Washington state, and Germany). They allow you to choose your top 3 and then tell you what is actually available. Most ppl I've talked to got their 1st or 2nd pick. Each place is an adventure!

Well, that's my take on the army nursing... I think it's a great opportunity if you are really up for it.. I would talk to a recruiter within all branches and find out which one fits you best. I spoke to all 3 and the army fit me better, but it's different for everyone. Air Force is great along with the Navy. I believe the Air Force and Navy have the speciality of PEDS which the army doesn't. You may not have the likelihoold of deploying as often with the AF, but they are slower in promotion in rank. Army is the largest organization, but each has it's pros and cons. You just gotta find what fits you! Let me know if you have any other questions.... Are you in nursing school or already a nurse?

Also, army nurse deployments are down to 6 months as well :-)

YOu came back!!! Awesome info! Thanks so much. I think I need to get into a school first! LOL I am in Tampa so we have MacDill (AF). But I also have a family so moving around does not sound too agreeable at this point. But who knows in a couple of years?

My brother-in-law is just finishing up a stint over in hawaii with the Army. He and my sister in law moved there with their 3 kids about 2 or 3 years ago. They too wanted to go there, Germany or Kentucky. LOL

I will have to look into this more. I know the government and armed forces get a bad rap sometimes, but there are perks, occasionally!

Thanks again for the information!


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that sounds so neat!

I wish I could of done that, but in nursing school I had a little one on the way, and I couldn't do that to her. If I was single I would of definitely would of done it, living in another country has always been my dream!

Joining the Army Nurse Corps has been one of my biggest motivators. First I have some bias as I grew up an Army brat to a father who was an officer at the AMEDD (my glass of water is sitting on an AMEDD recruiting coaster as I type). I miss the Army life, I felt it was structured and a had a feeling of comradre that you don't feel in the civilian world. The nursing aspect really hit home when I had to take my father to the VA hospital and saw all of the veterans that have served from Teens to the elderly. Since my father's retirement we have moved to Orlando (which I hate) and not living in a military town and not having the military life make me feel like something is missing. I want to help my future fellow soldiers and their families the same way they took care of my father and my family (when we went to army hospitals). My dad's second wife was an army nurse and even after she retired she was highly regarded in the civilian hospitals because of her experience in the military. The only negative is that I start the nursing program in May '10 so it will be awhile but I can't wait to see the day I get called to OBC in San Antonio (where my mom and sister live), start my military career and get out of Florida.