Anyone have to file petition for declaratory order?


Hi. I plan to apply for the Houston Community College nursing program in 2010, however, I had a misdemeanor charge on my recording from when I was younger. It was a stupid mistake, but I filed a petition for a declaratory order because I want to make sure that I will be able to even sit for the NCLEX after I complete nursing school. Basically, I don't want to waste my time if I can't.

Has anyone else had to do this? If so, what was the outcome.



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Hey Sockmonkey! I had to file a Declaratory order with the Texas Board of Nursing because of a misdemeanor on my record. I have received a letter back stating that I will be eligible to sit for the boards once I am done with my nursing program.


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Hi. Corlee. I can't seem to send you an email and it won't let me pm you. IDK why but I would like to know how long it took them to respond. I filed mine early September and did my fingerprinting the 25th of Sept. I know it says at least 3 months. Also, have you been accepted into a program. THANKS!!! & Congrats!


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Hey Soc. I filed mine in early September as well and did my fingerprints on or around the 24th of September. I would imagine you will be hearing from them any day now, but IDK if different misdemeanors take them longer or not.


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I have to finish some more pre-reqs this semester and next so hopefully I will be accepted for this coming August! i wish we could figure out how to PM private on this thing, lol

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Thanks for the info SirI. Soc I hope that the information I provided you with will be helpful, let me know when you hear something back from the board. Good luck to you!!


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I filed a declaratory order in Aug. After my fingerprints I received a letter stating that my background check was positive and that my file was forwarded to the enforcement division. It said it would take 3-6 months and I still haven't received a response. I am getting very anxious even though I am just at the 3 month mark.


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curious to know how things turned out for you guys...


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I had to file a declaratory order for two misdemeanor charges that I received in 2009 related to an ongoing custody battle with my ex husband( my first time to ever get in trouble too) The custody battle lasted for over five years. What's really silly to me is that I am already an LVN and had to notify the board about these misdeamnor charges prior to renewing my license in Septemeber. So the BON knows about the charges But,I still have to do the Declaratory for RN school. Absolutely makes no sense. The double doing is frustrating of course. But, trying to make sense out of a beaurocracy is worse :)The Most important thing is to be honest and waiting builds characer. Good luck to you and all of your endeavors.

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