Anyone feel like they guessed at alot of the questions, but still passed the exam???


Took the test a few days ago...had 265 questions...felt like I know some, but guessed at most of the others...anyone else feel like they guessed at alot of them, but still passed?:nurse:

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Many feel like that, we have had a few lately get 265 and pass despite what they thought


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Well I have not taken the NCLEX yet, but for my last 3 tests in nursing school I felt like I was guessing on a ton of them (probably over 50%) and got really good grades (85-92%). Then on the exit med-surg exam I again felt like I was guessing and got a 96%. I still have no idea what that's all about. I feel like there is no way to predict how you do on the NCLEX based on how you felt, how many questions you had, what kind of questions they were, etc. From what I've been reading it seems so unpredictable! I hope that you passed. :)


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YES! i had 265 q and i happened to guess some of my answers in my exam. there were drug questions i really had no idea and i just guessed and selected the best answer i could ever think of.

with each q i prayed for His guidance and i never forgot to take deep breaths. i think that helped.

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