Anyone ever fail Kaiser’s New Hire Tele Exam?


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Hi there - new here. Just got hired at Kaiser Med/Surg-Tele and had to take a EKG test. Only had 1 night to study! I failed the first time but have 2 more chances to take if. Just curious if anyone else had the same experience? Feeling super bummed but hopeful I will pass! 

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I did, but since I was hired into OB, I didn't give it much thought (they didn't care). I would be concerned if you are hired into the tele department and you can't pass the tele test. That would be like hiring someone into L&D who can't identify what she is seeing on a fetal monitor strip.

Good luck, I hope you pass.

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Hi there, any advice? I’m studying, but their review is extremely technical. I was previously on a med surg floor and was hired to a med surg/tele floor at Kaiser. I’m so nervous and I tend to study too broad. Any help to focus my studying would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi Victoria! We are trying to get into Kaiser in Norcal. So far my husband and I have done the Video interview. Do you have any idea what is the next step after that?