Anyone elses's semester NOT over yet? :-(

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Clinical was over last week, though we haven't gotten back our final packet of paperwork yet, so we may have some care plan rewrites, still. I also have a clinical make up to do, and though I've asked repeatedly, the instructor is reluctant to schedule it (Hoping that this week she'll say "Oh, fuggedaboudit!)

Even though the college is officially in finals week, tomorrow at 1:30 we have our fourth exam of the semester (seven lectures' worth of drug resistant orgs, anxiety, and a whole lotta respiratory), followed by an hour of lecture (more respiratory). Tuesday we have off. Then Wednesday at 8AM is our final.

Complicating matters is the snowstorm that's supposed to hit after midnight tonight, 2-5 inches. If the college cancels, wonder when the makeup day will be for exam 4? (We've been told we'll be advised via our "phone tree.")

Anyone else in the same boat? Anyone else not even *thought* about Christmas yet? (I had to hire my 18-yo to do my Christmas shopping--luckily, she loves to shop). It'll all be over soon, won't it?


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I know how you feel! well kinda, since I only have the HESI to worry about this week. Not close enough to the stress ur feeling, i know. Chrsitmas doesnt happen in my world for 2 years now, the length i've been in the program. I can hardly handle the stress over exams and paperwork right around the holidays, worrying about xmas and gifts and cooking is out of the question. I tell my family that I dont exist right around xmas. :icon_frow: Hang in there, like u said, this too shall pass!

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Our semester doesn't actually end until after the Christmas break. Then we move right into Pharm.

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I'm not done yet. My final is tomorrow evening. :icon_evil


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Right there with final exam is on Wednesday morning, and I have an A & P lecture exam that same afternoon. My last lectures are tomorrow (Monday). I did get a Christmas tree on Thursday though and finally bought a few presents over the weekend. Fortunately, I am downscaling this year, so I don't have as much to do! Good luck on your exams....


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Awwwwwwww Judith, I feel so bad for you guys! Not fair that they do that to you every semester--test 4 and then the final right at the end like that!

Did you have your exam this morning?????

Hope to see you and D. soon!!!!



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My semester just ended today. It feels like it loomed on and on forever...

Now I have a new fear: 2ND SEMESTER! More tests, more homework, more intensely graded careplans...and ACUTE CARE! Eek!

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