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Anyone do the e-line program through TAMU-CC?

I have PMed some people on this board about the e-line program, and I was wondering if anyone else is enrolled in or has completed the program? What has been your experience with the program? Was it easy to get in to? How are your clinicals? Did you take your Pathophys requirement online? I am just trying to hear from as many people I can about their experience with this program before I decide to go ahead and go for it. All I need to take are my history and government classes, which will be completed in May. ANY help or advice would be appreciated!

I am currently enrolled in the eline program through TAMUCC. I will begin the nursing classes in January. I have already completed the pathophysiology course online at TAMUCC and I highly recommend it. It is a great course with a wonderful professor, an ER physician who was formerly a nurse. I am excited about this program and if you have any further questions you can pm me.

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I have a question...do you know how your clinicals are going to work out?

I will update everyone when I get my clinicals set up. Right now I am in the middle of relocating to a new city so I will have to contact **** about what clinical options there are in the new city. Anyway, I would contact Rita if you are concerned or have questions about the clinicals.

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Hi! I know this is an old thread but hopefully you can answer some questions for me. I am thinking about the eLine program but haven't had any response from the advisor about clinicals in Dallas. What did you think of the program? Have you completed it? And how/where were your clinicals set up? Thanks!


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Moving to TX nursing program forum for more current responses.

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